Search for Truth 2

Search for Truth is a twelve lesson bible study.  Usually the lessons are once a week, and last for about one hour or so.

This study is given with hand-outs and is taught with a large color chart to add to your understanding.

This study explains how the bible is put together.  It also takes you from creation to God's final judgment.

After taking this study, you will have a foundation of understanding that you did not have before.  This foundation will aid in your comprehension when you read the bible, and when you hear the preached messages.

Questions are welcome during the study and the setting  is informal and comfortable.
Into His Marvelous Light

Into His Marvelous Light is a one hour bible study.  This study is in booklet form, and it teaches basic biblical salvation.
Video Studies

We have various studies on video.
  • Understanding the Endtimes
  • Creation vs. Evolution
  • Book of Revelation

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Search for Truth 1

Search for Truth 1 is a ten lesson bible study.  Usually the lessons are once a week, and last for about an hour or so.  We also teach this in Spanish by one of our spanish speaking members.
We Offer Free In-Home Bible Studies